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How Yoga and Meditation Help People Suffering from Addiction

The benefits of practicing hatha yoga and meditation are many! It would take me quite a long time to discuss them all! I also believe it is safe to say that these positive benefits can be felt by anyone who applies them to their lives. If you have not already, try for yourself! Yes…anyone and everyone will benefit from making these practices part of a well rounded healthy lifestyle! Some of you may already be finding that to be true and if so, good for you!

While teaching yoga and meditation at a drug and alcohol recovery facility for the past four years, I have seen first hand the profound role these practices can play in general and in recovery specifically. I run mandatory groups throughout the week in both the residential and outpatient facilities of a recovery center. Many of the people in my class would not voluntarily choose to go to a yoga or meditation class, possibly ever in their lives. It has been incredibly moving to bear witness to the transformative effect both hatha yoga and meditation have played in the lives of countless numbers of people willing to try something new, as they make an  effort to turn their lives around in inspiring ways.

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Magpie Mum

Today I heard insistent bird cries, repeated refrains which roused my curiosity. I’ve never had the Dr Dolittle skill myself (well, the ‘do little’ part maybe, but not the linguistic side), however I have a friend who, incredible though it may sound, spent a couple of weeks being able to understand the birds.  One day they were just twitter, twitter, twitter, tweet, tweet, tweet, musical backing to whatever else was going on in his life, and the next day, he was being distracted by working conversations regarding the availability of food, who is chasing who, and get off my branch thank you!  He was very relieved when the ability disappeared as if it had never happened, and the bird speech reverted to bird song. Continue reading Magpie Mum