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Poem: If We Become Lovers……

Name? Date of Birth?

Have you married before?

Yes, millions of times!   How long I endure.

Where are my offspring, my descendants, my kin?

Vanquished to the past, as the wheel spins again.


And all the time talking, and the flicking of pages,

lifetime upon lifetime, dragging this corpse through the ages.


And all the time passing, the calendars turning,

while I drown through the changes, the twists and the churning.

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Controlling the Mind

Recently I had an intense discussion with a friend about dealing with our own minds, and helping others deal with theirs — makes it sounds rather like have pets, or children doesn’t it?

Occasionally over the years I have been offered cute kittens, and I have always said no my argument being that if I was going to have kittens I might as well have kids. At least you can travel with children. Then one day I saw an offer on my work intranet offering to give away a worm farm. I considered the level of responsibility required to keep worms as pets, and decided I could handle that! If you don’t feed them for two weeks they survive fine. So now I have a worm farm and my veggie garden loves me for it. But although the worms are quiet and undemanding, my declining the responsibility of anything needier still left me having to handle a raucous and demanding companion – my mind! It is a grasshopper one that jumps from one subject to another and tries to pull everyone along with it. Some people speak of “the monkey mind” because of this general tendency that all minds have, but mine is a particularly hyperactive one. Continue reading Controlling the Mind

A Highly Effective 5-Minute Life Uplifting Technique!

A Highly Effective 5-Minute Mood Balancing, Life Uplifting Breathing Technique!

There are so many ways in which our moods can change – we can easily have a bad hair day, or get out of bed on the wrong side. Or on the upside, feel excited by this or that event or new found passion!  What’s not so easy is to keep an even or balanced mood, which to some might seem dull, but is actually quite desirable when one is feeling ‘exhausted’ from the ever changing influences around us, and can even be most pleasantly sublime.

Much of the time we don’t make the connection between what we are doing in our lives and how it makes us feel both in the short term and long term. The connection between sugar or chocolate and that instant burst of energy or even ‘happiness’ we get from it, followed later by feeling irritable or sluggish, is fairly well evident and easy to experience. Less obvious might be how the sounds we hear, either by choice or inadvertently – Continue reading A Highly Effective 5-Minute Life Uplifting Technique!

The world is full of stuff

Wherever you go, wherever you look, there it is! Stuff.

Whether you live in a remote mountain village or in a sprawling metropolis there is stuff all around you. Not only old, “I already know about you stuff”, but new stuff, all the time, coming at you! Whether it’s on a donkey coming up the mountain or whether it’s being flashed at you from one of the buildings on the Ginza, there is stuff being produced every moment of every day so we can consume more and more of what we already have.

Apple have made and sold 500 million smartphones but why do we throw away 155 million a year. So they can make more so we can buy more, sounds crazy, well yes it is, isn’t it? Continue reading The world is full of stuff