Alive Forever : A Music Film with a Liberating & Comforting Message for All

Every now and then we hear news of death or any mishap like natural calamity, road accidents; diseases from different sources like newspaper, TV PBS stations, from relatives, social media and so on. We naturally get sad, and it’s quite difficult to digest this fact. And most of us wonder, is it going to happen with me also, yes death could happen, may be naturally by age or by accident. As we know from our experience that the event of death is most inevitable and it creates much misery.

This has been the primal reason of anxiety among us; we search for a way to come out of this anxiety. We cannot disagree the thought of death conquers our heart and mind. We seek shelter, we want inner peace. We want to be alive forever; the person inside us wants to live eternally. From the ancient scriptures we come to know…

“Know that which pervades the entire body is indestructible. No one is able to destroy the imperishable soul. – Bhagavad Gita 2:17”.

According to this, we are the spiritual beings and we are not subjected to death when our body ceases. This is the same knowledge imparted by yoga teachings – Aham Brahmasmi and it has a practical connection to our lives. This wisdom is all about understanding our real identity as an undying eternal spirit soul which is not subjected to any kind of mortality.

So, recently the release by Yoga Icon Wai Lana’s Alive forever movie is a boon to the global audience. The main goal behind this enlightening video by Wai Lana is to comfort the people and make them aware of the knowledge of Aham Brahmasmi. This states that “I am not the physical body, I am not the mind, and I am an eternal spiritual being”

Wai Lana is concerned that most of us are plagued by the effect of aging and disease and we are gripped by the thought of death. Practically there is no need to worry now, as we know we are not subjected to death. The anxiety comes from ignorance of the truth– that “I am eternal”. Once someone understands that his real existence do not depend on the physical body, he achieves inner peace and happiness.

We still feel young by Wai Lana

Alive Forever is her latest movie which addresses the sad situation of the common individuals’ due to death of loved ones plus the realization of the fact that they may die one day. This video can be well categorized as an inspirational. Since the physical body matures and signals enough that someday this body is going to cease.

“By nature, the body is ever changing, and the soul is eternal.”

The knowledge of Aham Brahmasmi makes us enlightened. The encouraging lyrics sung by Yoga icon Wai Lana calm the mind and heart. This soothing, impressive, and magnificently taken video is more than just a movie – its the cinema representation of the power of yoga teachings. This successful, compulsively viewable music video by Wai Lana can fit in on any inspirational play-list. Each and every element used in the video is a fabulous addition to the whole presentation.

The magnificent locations add charm; the soothing lyrics are a breeze to our aching heart, and the lyrics raise our inspiration to leave behind the age worries.

Quoting from the song,

“Don’t be afraid of getting old, the true self is ever youthful, And everlasting”

See those untiring efforts from the whole team of Wai Lana in these below clips. Nothing can be compared to the spirit of creating this lovely and invaluable video for all of us.

This video by Wai Lana is basically to share the knowledge that will remove the ignorance of the individuals. Their own idea regarding the end of life is directly connected to their physical body and this brings them immense anxiety. So to avoid this we have to know the real wisdom – Aham Brahmasmi, which clearly speaks we are not the body, so even if the body dies, ceases, gets damaged partially we should not be in anxiety. Yes the physical pain is inevitable, but the inner emotional peace should not be lost. We are eternal and we will exist eternally. The real happiness will come from this idea that we exist forever. Only we may be deprived of these material elements like our house, relationships, family. We should be happy that that they are also part and parcels of the Supreme and we all will exist forever. We all are Alive forever.

Being a healthy living advocate, Wai Lana , she is a serious follower of Vedic culture and she draws authentic ideas from yoga scriptures. Wai Lana’s efforts are just errorless and this is great proof of her love that she has for all of us. The worldwide popular Namaste video is created by Wai Lana only. It has acclaimed global popularity and has been viral in the web with million of views to her credit.

This is the best gift to receive by anyone of us. Whoever is seeing the Alive forever should feel very fortunate. This invaluable wisdom will save them from greatest fear. Wai Lana has completed the “Alive Forever” video and released in time for the International Yoga Day 2016.

This particular video is of high standard and all the ingredients chosen are commendable. Hill landscapes, a blast of light red cherry flowers, stunning video of breaking surf on an exotic beach, a smart cityscape while it is raining etc. it’s all spectacular, and it all emphasizes Wai Lana’s powerful insights and she has tried to connect all practical day to day life with all of us & the contribution in the field of Yoga is exceptional. She has also devised many yoga products under brand name of Wai Lana Yoga which helps people interested in real practice of yoga and asanas. The yoga products by Wai Lana are very helpful and has benefited millions around the globe.

The moments are set in from big town recreational areas to seashores and cherry shrub orchards, people of every age group from all parts of society coming across unhappiness and concern with increasing age. This lovely and motivating video clip and the pleasant “Alive Forever” try to connect to people’s peace by its simple & important concept that has the power to free us all from the concern with aging. We can all be relaxing and satisfied understanding that we need not be worried about getting old, as the actual self is ever-youthful and ever-lasting. The music also describes that we are not just a body system due to which we can be comfortable and my looks do not mean to us a big deal.

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