Poem: If We Become Lovers……

Name? Date of Birth?

Have you married before?

Yes, millions of times!   How long I endure.

Where are my offspring, my descendants, my kin?

Vanquished to the past, as the wheel spins again.

And all the time talking, and the flicking of pages,

lifetime upon lifetime, dragging this corpse through the ages.

And all the time passing, the calendars turning,

while I drown through the changes, the twists and the churning.

The sucking and the prodding, the vortex full volume,

chasing the unclaimable, the tantra controlling.

And it’s desire, intimacy, lust and involvement,

it’s union and passion, it’s self indulgent,

smouldering and thunder, the inevitable calling,

the heart wrenched asunder, the uncontrollable falling….

But, then comes a time, when I’m alone with my pain

no more can be done, there’s nothing to gain.

The body so feeble, the hands grasping air,

the eyes not connecting, the voice silent forever.

In the grip of the scythe, the sickle of fate,

longing to start over, knowing it’s too late….

What then the caresses, the bliss of the bed,

the sweat and the dew, the morning light over two?

The drawn curtains creating an atmosphere making,

our bed covers like home as if we belong?

What then my sweet lover, my desired, my own.

Can you save me from death? Can you roll back the stone?

Your touch can never be as fresh as new life.

Your warmth never lull,  the fear of the cold

at the knell of the bell,  to claim it’s toll.

Nothing you can do can save me from this hell,

of leaving without knowing, something more than this,

something more than the clasping and the kiss!

Nothing you can try, can disguise the abyss

of the journey ahead, the journey of dread,

the shedding of skin to once more start again.

Not all your sweet murmurs, your care and your longing,

can help this poor soul, or even prolong

the one categorically without question undertaking,

that I travel alone on the final leave taking.

Just as I entered the foetus at birth

so I must leave this corpse to the earth!

So, forgive me this question, before our bodies join breath.

If we become lovers can you save me from death?

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